Commissioning a Bespoke Piece

Explore the process of Commissioning a Bespoke Piece.

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Stage One

Initial Meeting to understand the client's requirements. Key objectives are to assess the client's aesthetic sensibilities and understand the primary function of the piece being commissioned. Where possible, we'll visit the installation site to get a better sense of the overall space.

Stage Two

Based on inputs from the first meeting and site visit, we will prepare the following; - Graphic representations of a couple of design ideas, and - Swatches of the materials that are proposed to be used. We might also present visual references, ideally using our previous work, to detail critical aspects of the end product.

Stage Three

A final design will be presented, with an estimate of the financials and the delivery time-frame. Once we receive a buy-in from the client, we initiate the manufacturing process

Stage Four

The manufacturing process is completed, product photographed and personally delivered to the client.