Solli is a design studio dedicated to the creation of hand-crafted, timeless furniture showcasing the innate beauty and authenticity of wood and its unique ability to fuse with other natural materials.

At Solli, a product is designed very much from the heart. Function and design are of equal importance and we believe one cannot work without the other. The intended primary function of the product is the inspiration for the design to take form. Each Solli piece has been invented by the company’s founder Sohel Contractor who has also constructed most of the pieces himself. He likes to keep things simple by taking everything out that is not needed to present an elegant yet simple piece for someone to enjoy.

Solli has to its credit, many multi-national and corporate clients who are looking for quality, personality and a uniqueness to the product that reflects the nuances of the both the maker and the user.

At its core, Solli strongly believes in not putting waste in to the environment. This drives the entire design and production process. By trying to avoiding trends, we look to create statement pieces that are built to last with the promise that it will still look good in a hundred years. Every Solli piece is hand-finished, drawing inspiration from both modern and traditional woodworking techniques. The use of screws and nails is avoided where possible, instead using joinery techniques to fuse pieces together. This not only makes the joints stronger but is also aesthetically pleasing. The careful attention to detail combined with high quality materials and craftsmanship ensures that the product requires very little effort in terms of special care and maintenance.

Wood is beautiful and we try to showcase exactly that. We hope you enjoy our furniture as much as we enjoy making it for you.


Sohel Contractor is the Creative Director at Solli. Sohel has an engineering background and after a short stint as an automotive engineer in New Zealand, his friends persuaded him to professionally pursue his oldest hobby; woodworking. After working on various office and house renovation projects, the company Solli was born.

The process of building furniture by hand, particularly something that has multiple functions really appealed to Sohel. He thrives on taking a complicated idea and coming up with innovative easy to use solutions. What followed can only be described as a labour of love. He continues to dedicate all his time learning about the process of woodworking and understanding the nature of wood. His engineering background reflects in his geometric and technical designs, and it also gives him the groundwork to understand the process of combining wood with different materials.


Zahabia Abid is the Mind that matters in Solli, ensuring Sohel’s creativity remains unfettered and free to explore the vision of Solli. Zahabia studied finance in London and pursued an international career in Investment Banking at Management level across UK, US, Spain and India. Zahabia is now the discerning marketing force that strategically coordinates alongside Sohel with the clients, to ensure Solli’s mission is possible through every project.


At Solli, a product is designed very much from the heart. Function and design are of equal importance and one cannot work without the other. The intended primary function of the product is the inspiration for the design to take form. Using both pencil sketches and 3D drawings, we put together a life size model where we decide on final materials and refine scale and form.


We work with both individuals and corporates on bespoke projects. A bespoke piece is something that takes shape from a blank canvas keeping the client / project in mind.

We will hold an initial meeting to understand client requirements. Our key objectives are to understand both the clients’ aesthetic sensibilities and the primary function of the piece being commissioned. Where possible, we will also visit the installation site to get a better sense of the overall space.

Based on an initial agreement on approximate estimates, we provide the client a graphic representation of design ideas and material samples.

Where appropriate, we may also present visual references, ideally using our previous work, to detail critical aspects of the end product.

Once the final design, budgets and expected time frames have been agreed upon, work begins.

Timely written updates and photographs are provided to all clients. Our partnership does not end at delivery and installation. We work with all our clients on any details or modifications that maybe needed. We want our clients to enjoy the furniture as much as we enjoy making it.